A collection of 2570 problems in analytic geometry and mathematical analysis for university engineering students. As each section opens with the formulas, definitions and other theory needed for solution of the problems that follow, and answers and indications on how to go about the solution are provided for many of the problems, the book can be used either under the supervision of an instructor or for independent study by correspondence and extramural students. Each section closes with questions for revision, this material constituting one third of the volume of the book.

1st Edition. Contents: 1. Plane analytic geometry. 2. Vector algebra. 3. Solid analytic geometry. 4. Higher algebra. 5. Introduction to mathematical analysis. 6. The derivative and the differential. 7. Application of the derivative. 8. The indefinite integral. 9. The definite integral. 10. Curvature of plane and space curves. 11. Partial derivatives, total differentials and their applications. 12. Differential equations. 13. Double, triple and line integrals. 14. Series.