Physics Problems for Aspiring Physical Scientists and Engineers
With Hints and Full Solutions

With Hints and Full Solutions

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An essential part of studying to become a physical scientist or engineer is learning how to solve problems. This book contains over 200 appropriate physics problems with hints and full solutions. The author demonstrates how to break down a problem into its essential components, and how to chart a course through them to a solution. With problem-solving skills being essential for any physical scientist or engineer, this book will be invaluable to potential and current undergraduates seeking a career in these fields. The book is divided into three parts: questions, hints and solutions. The questions section is subdivided into 15 chapters, each centred on a different area of physics, from elementary particles, through classical physics, to cosmology. The second section provides brief hints, whilst the third sets out full and explicit solutions to each problem. Most begin with thoughts that students might have after reading a problem, allowing the reader to understand which questions they should be asking themselves when faced with unfamiliar situations.

How to use this book
1. Dimensions
2. Statics
3. Dynamics
4. Rotation
5. Gravity
6. SHM
7. Waves
8. Solids and liquids
9. Electrical circuits
10. Electrostatics
11. Magnetic fields
12. Electromagnetism
13. Heat transfer
14. Gases
15. Particles and atoms
Physical constants.