Solved Problems in Classical Electromagnetism

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Solved Problems in Classical Electromagnetism is a valuable tool to help students learn to do physics while using concepts they learn in the courses. Students who are taking or have already taken an advanced EM course will find the book to be a useful adjunct to their textbook, giving added practice in applying what they are learning. For students who are taking an undergraduate EM course and want to get more depth, this book can help them achieve that aim and also help them prepare for graduate work. Beginning students, or those not even taking a course at the moment, can benefit from these problems and learn just from working on them with the help of the solutions. In each chapter, the problems start out relatively easy and then get progressively more advanced, helping students to go just as far as they can at their present level.
The book includes a number of review sections to assist students without previous advanced training in working out the problems. The first review section is a comprehensive development of vector calculus that will prepare students to solve the problems and provide a strong foundation for their future development as physicists. The problems are drawn from the topics of electrostatics, magnetostatics, Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic radiation, and relativisitc electromagnetism.