Berkeley Graduate Exam Questions 2nd Edition


Physics on Your Feet (2nd Edition) is a significantly expanded collection of physics problems covering the broad range of topics in classical and modern physics that were, or could have been, asked at oral PhD exams at University of California at Berkeley. The questions are easy to formulate,but some of them can only be answered using an outside-of-the box approach. Detailed solutions are provided, from which the reader is guaranteed to learn a lot about the physicists’ way of thinking. The book is also packed full of cartoons and dry humor to help take the edge off the stress and anxiety surrounding exams. This is a helpful guide for students preparing for their exams, as well as a resource for university lecturers looking for good instructive problems. No exams are necessary to enjoy the book!

1:Mechanics, heat, and general physics
3:Gravitation, astrophysics, cosmology
6:Quantum, atomic, and molecular
7:Nuclear and elementary-particle physics
8:Condensed-matter physics
Appendix A Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic field boundary
Appendix B Symbols and useful constants